Mommy's Promise

March 2006

My most precious boy, my heart aches, the pain is unbearable. But don’t you worry, I promise, Blake, that Daddy and I will take care of each other. I promise that we will live our lives in such a way that we will all be reunited and live together forever. I promise that we will never forget that sweet smile, those contagious giggles and the many people you have touched.

It is your perfectness that I will always remember each and every day until you are in my arms again. I promise that in the quiet times of each day that I will remember your soft skin, and your sweet scent, and I will see your angelic face.

Your young, yet strong spirit is with me always and will get me through the hard times. Son, I promise that we will be together forever again. I love you more that words can tell.




September 16, 2007

Brandon and I would like to give you an update on our lives since the day we said goodbye to our son Blake. It’s been almost a year and a half, yet most days it feel like yesterday. We have been truly blessed with support of friends and family.

We want to especially thank all those who are involved with Blake’s Miracle Foundation and the hard work they put into making it the success it is. We are amazed and grateful for so many who spend countless hours working on Blake’s Miracle Foundation and also for the thousands of people who have contributed in one way or another to helping this miracle of Children Helping Children. 

Though we experience hard days, missing our Blake so much, we know he is our angel by our side. We feel his love when certain songs play on the radio, or when we see a rainbow in the sky after it rains, or when we water his grass at the cemetery. We feel his love when we watch is little cousins play or when we see those little ones swimming at SWIMkids. We feel him near when we see a child holding his parents hands or in the grocery store when we pass the macaroni ‘n’ cheese, or see the balloons near the check out stand. We can’t help but think of our son when we see that beautiful red hair on the child passing us or those adorable giggles we hear in the isle next to us. 

We miss Blake but feel him near us constantly. I’m sure we make him laugh when Brandon tries to put together a book shelf and realizes he did it all wrong, or when Kelle can’t figure out why the camera won’t work realizing after several hours that the batteries were put in the wrong way. I bet Blake laughs when Grandma drives around town with a teddy bear in the passenger seat because they teddy bears face reminds her of Blake, or when Grandpa dresses in his “speedo outfit” and tries to float in the swimming pool to raise money for his Foundation. 

I know Blake misses his cousins and smiles when they wear his t-shirt, or sets his picture as the wallpaper on their computer screen, or talks about him while taking a bath or swims down the rock slide in their pool. His aunts and uncles hang his pictures in their homes and still buys him toys from Disneyland. Our Blake is missed every second of every day, but we have realized that Blake is still very much in our lives as he was when he was here in our arms. We know he is so excited to send down his baby brother, due October 27, 2007, and will be his guardian angel throughout his life. 

Brandon and I moved into a new home this past year and are getting ready for our new bundle of joy to arrive. As Blake’s parents, we have kept our promise. Brandon and I have mourned together and now realize we laugh together more as time goes by. We live our lives in such a way that we will one day make it to where our son is and be an eternal family. We have grown in our loss and in our loss found hope as we help the other children still at the hospital. Blake is our miracle and we hope to share that miracle with everyone we know.

We love you son…

Mommy and Daddy

Kelle and Brandon Whitehead