We Believe in Miracles!
Blake's Miracle is dedicated to helping terminally ill children with alternative pain management therapies and drowning prevention for children everywhere

Welcome to Blake's Miracle

Blake's Miracle foundation is all about children helping children and is planning many fund raising events to ease the suffering of hospitalized and terminally ill children. Blake Whitehead’s family formed this humanitarian organization after they lost their precious little red head to leukemia on March 8, 2006.

Pediatric Pain Management

Real Solutions for Children

Pediatric pain continues to be the most undertreated pain in our nation. Under treated pain can cause higher stress levels, which slows healing time and depresses immune function, leading to an increase in morbidity and mortality of medical procedures. It can also lead to posttraumatic stress disorders.

Research shows that Music Therapy can be used to address the following goal areas:



(Rehabilitative and Developmental)


Blake’s Miracle Foundation is working with Phoenix Children’s Hospital to be able to bring this life-saving therapy to those in their care. Our foundation has already raised over $270,000 in the 14 years we have been established. We hope to do so much more in the years to come!

Please help us help the children

Just as your love and concern has lifted us, let us open our hearts and wallets to serve these innocent victims who suffer from no fault of their own. Let us make their lives brighter with alternative pain therapy, toys and at the new children’s hospital in the East Valley. Benefits also help Safer 3, drowning prevention. Drowning is almost a weekly occurrence and parents need to be educated on how to prevent such a tragedy. There is such a need. We need your help.

Blake's Story

Our precious, Blake Gordon Whitehead after a brave battle with leukemia returned to his Heavenly Home three weeks before his second birthday. His last time in I.C.U. was the end of Blake’s earthly journey. Every day his family begged the Lord for a miracle on Blake’s behalf. But the Lord had a different mission for our little angel.

On March 8th, under the advice from his physicians, Mommy and Daddy had Blake removed from the advanced life support machine. They were able sit by his bed and cuddle their sweet son for the first time in weeks. They were alone with their precious red head as he took his last few breaths of mortal life in his mother’s arms. In silence and in peace they held him tight and caressed his little hands and feet. Mommy and Daddy knew that Blakey was at peace and finally out of pain.

Blake’s family has seen first hand the physical and emotional pain that cancer and other terminal childhood diseases can inflict on our precious young ones. Every day and night we prayed for a miracle. We promised Blake a miracle. Your love, generosity, donations and gifts is what the miracle is about. If you can brighten one life and bring smiles to one family in crisis you are part of that Miracle.